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Xtool KC501

Professional Key & Chip Programmer

550,00 + Vat

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Powerful in functions and fashionable in appearance, KC501 is a professional Key & chip programmer which can not only read, write keys, and read key remote frequency, but also generate dealer keys. It supports reading and writing MCU/EEPROM chips, reach, and writing Mercedes Infrared keys. Moreover, it supports a PC connection which brings you a better user experience

  • Dealer Key Generator for VW, BMW, Renault, Toyota, etc.
  • Mercedes-Benz dedicated IR Key programmer, FEM3 key matching.
  • BMW CAS1-3/ CAS4&4+**/EWS2-4***
  • Add key for VAG 4rth/5th /MQB
  • Key Frequency & ID Reading: shows all information with one click on the button
  • EEPROM Modifying & Reset with a tablet or PC software to perform various features
  • ECU programming supports various ECU, BCM Immo modules on Bench