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Product categories

Puma PE50300

5HP Belt Drive
Air Compressor

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  • The new single body valve design can increase compression efficiency
  • And make maintenance very convenient.By adopting the most superior cast iron material.
  • This air compressor is designed for industry use thus it is super water resistant.
  • With The multi-blade heat dissipating fan, forced cooling , the heat dissipating system,
  • Of this compressor is consider the best.


  • Suitable for use in factories automatic systems auto service,
  • Finishing and any works requiring compressed air
  • CAP : 461 L/min
  • Press:8kg
  • Tank CAP:304L
  • ELECTR:415V 50HZ

Download Pump Parts List : Puma PE50300-(Pump)

Download Receiver Tank Parts List :Puma PE50300-R-Tank