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Arios JL80L

Waste Oil

330,00 + Vat

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  • Suitable for vehicles with oil bottom outlet design.
  • Oil collecting and discharging : to be run just by one operator. This saves both time and efforts.
  • Suitable for the usage of motorcycle lifter. funnel can ascend and descend at will.
  • To discharge oil by air pressure; pressure can be saved for oil discharging at wherever workplace it might be.
  • With such device of air-intake safety valve, when the pressure is too will release pressure automatically.
  • The barrel body and hopper are designed with high-grade steel came to become durable and lasting even more after being made manually.
  • Hopper is designed with steel: the contaminated oil won’t come out. No such troubles of deteriorating, tending to be fragile, and deforming which plastic plastic-made hoppers

Download pdf:Arios JL80L