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Arios B1171

64.5mm 3/4”Dr BPW 6.5 Tons ~9 Tons Roller Bearings A-Nut Socket

75,00 + Vat

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  • Removal of the lid of the axle on BPW /6.5~9tons with
  • Arios-A1050-2/ Arios-B1050-2 Before using this tool.
  • Material: SCM440
  • HRC:45˚-50˚
  • Arios-A1171 / Arios-B1171 is for removing the fixed nut then replace the new bearing
  • with an adjustable torque wrench. Please follow the standard operation manual of origin.
  • Replaces JTC-5282
Item no. SW W


Arios A1171

80mm 50mm 73mm

Arios B1171

64.5mm 40mm


Arios C1171 85mm 52mm


Download pdf: Arios-B1171