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HCB A1297

7pcs Flexible Flare Nut
Combination Wrench

100,00 + Vat

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  • It is an ideal tool to work in those areas up to 45 degrees that regular flare nut wrenches can’t reach.
  • Not necessary to remove obstacles from the narrow spaces before loosen or tighten a nut.

ITEM No. Size(mm) Length(mm) Weight(g)
H.C.B-A1297-1 Size: 8mm  Length: 129mm Weight:50g
H.C.B-A1297-2 Size:10mm Length: 129mm Weight:50g
H.C.B-A1297-3 Size:11mm Length: 148mm  Weight:85g
H.C.B-A1297-4 Size:12mm Length: 148mm Weight:85g
H.C.B-A1297-5 Size:13mm  Length:175mm Weight:130g
H.C.B-A1297-6 Size:14mm Length: 175mm Weight:125g
H.C.B-A1297-7 Size:17mm Length:190mm  Weight:192g
H.C.B-A1297-8 Size:19mm  Length:190mm Weight:195g