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Product categories

HCB A1152

Camshaft Pulley
Holding Tool Subaru

45,00 + Vat

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  • Allows for removal of the SOHC cam sprockets without damaging the cam or the sprocket
  • The perfect tool for cam seal renewal, cylinder head removal, or motor tear downs
  • Bridged tool head handles the torque
  • High tolerance laser cut and precision formed construction fits perfect
  • A long integrated handle makes it easy for one person
  • Comparable to the factory to #499207100
  • For holding the camshaft pulley of the Legacy 2200 c.c. vehicles.


  • 93-12 Subaru Impreza SOHC engines
  • 99-12 Subaru Forester SOHC engines
  • 89-12 Subaru Legacy SOHC engines
  • 05-06 Saab 9-2X Linear SOHC engine
  • 04-06 Subaru Baja with SOHC engine
  • 92-97 Subaru SVX