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Product categories

Arios VT1137

Timing Kit
VW & Audi
FSi 2.0L/Turbo

70,00 + Vat

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  • *Suitable for camshaft and crank locking for the Audi V6, V8, V10 petrol engines
  • Kit includes:
  • A. Tension Wrench (T10020)
  • B. Camshaft Aligning Tool (T10252)
  • C. Automatic Chain Tensioner Retainer  (3366)
  • D. Auxiliary Drive Belt Tensioner Locking Pin (T10060/A)
  • E. Chain Tensioner Retaining Screw and Nut (T10092)
  • F. Tension Pin (T40011)
  • G. Tensioner Pulley Locking Pin (T10115)


  • For 2.0 FSI petrol engines since 2003 in:  Audi: A3 2.0 FSI and FSI SOHC Engine codes: AWA, BHD, BMB
  • VW: Golf 2.0 FSI , 2.0 FSI SOHC and  Touran 2.0 FSI SOHC  Engine codes: AWA, AXW