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Arios M7795

M4.2-1.41 x 22mm Hex 5.5mm Ø16mm Ford # N801169S900

20,00 + Vat

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Park Lamp Assembly Screw, Fender Liner Bolt, Bumper Cover Bolt, Cover Screw, Side Air Baffle Screw, Valance Panel Screw, Lower Deflector Screw, Lower Shroud Screw, Lower Shield Retainer Screw, Lower Shield Screw, Screw, And Washer Assembly

  • Hex Head Sems® Tapping Screw
  • Front Bumper, Exterior Trim, and Front Fender
  • M4.2 – 1.41 x 22mm
  • Hex Size: 5.5mm
  • Washer Diameter: 16mm

Replaces Ford N801169-S900; W710763-S901

  • Ford Explorer, Fiesta, Flex, F-150, F-250 Super Duty, F-350 Super Duty, Mustang,
  • Edge, Expedition, Taurus, Lincoln: Navigator, Town Car, MKT & MKX
  • More than 157 fitments Between 2003-2023

Download Arios Tapping Screw Catalogue:Arios Tapping Screw

100 Per Package