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Arios 0006-2

Spring Compressor
Jaw Opening

130,00 + Vat

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  • Allows compressing the spring in-situ on the vehicle, so that the strut can be removed
  • without dismounting the steering knuckle/ stub axle. This is important on the front
  • axle of VW vehicles and on the rear axle of Ford Mondeo, etc.
  • Especially suitable for:
  • The suspension struts mount replacement, e.g. VW Golf (IV).
  • Thanks to the spring compressor Arios 0006-2, the suspension strut mount bearing
  • can be replaced in situ on the vehicle within a few minutes without having to
  • remove and re-install the suspension strut. Expenditure of time about 15 minutes;
  • Time savings for about 1 hour.
  • Spring and shock absorber unit removal and installation, e.g. VW Golf (IV)
  • By using the spring compressor 0006-2, springs can be pre-compressed in situ
  • on the vehicle without having to remove the steering knuckle/ stub axle. Spreader
  • the tool is used to widen strut clamping bores, thus allowing the
  • spring/shock absorber unit to be easily removed from the clamping borehole.
  • Expenditure of time about 10 minutes; Time savings about 30 minutes.
  • The spindles are equipped with contra-rotating threads which eliminate the risk of
  • slipping around the spring. (Not suitable for use on Mercedes springs.)

Max load Capacity 8,000N
Jaw Opening: 65-200mm