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Product categories

Arios KAIRPB-3

8 in 1 Indexable
Ratchet Pry Bars

90,00 + Vat

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  • An adjustable prying bar includes a prying head having an accurate body.
  • Thereby, the angle between the prying head and the handle enables to adjust for larger or smaller than 90 degrees.
  •  Adjustable head allows you to choose up to 8 different angles
  • Auto forward LOCKING ratchet design mechanism
  • Exceeds ANSI requirements for proven strength
  • High leverage gear design provides maximum leverage while lifting and pulling back
  • Industrial Magnese Phosphate finish to helps protect against corrosion


  • Prying: diesel injectors, seals, bearings, oil pans, axles, fuel injectors, and
  • pulling things apart in many-body shop applications
  • Breaking Loose bell housing from Engine Block and transmission
  • Aligning sheet metal
  • Removing molding


Item No. Length (inch) Description
Arios KA-IRPB-10 10 10 inch indexable ratchet pry bar
Arios KA-IRPB-12 12 12 inch indexable ratchet pry bar
Arios KA-IRPB-15 15 15 inch indexable ratchet pry bar
Arios KA-IRPB-3 10,12,15 All 3 pcs in PVC tray & Color Box