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Arios C1102

39mm Special Ball Joint Puller Japanese Truck

280,00 + Vat

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  • On car maintenance.
  •  The best tool for removing truck ball joints which in tie rod end, drug link and relay rod…etc.
  •  No damage to the ball joint and related parts.
  •  Applicable: over 4 tons trucks and most heavy-duty trucks.

※ Note:

  •  Make sure the dimension or specification of the ball joint is matched before installing.
  •  Please grease the central bolt before using it.
  •  The central bolt is consumable. Please replace it when the thread is lost.
  •  The power is very strong when the ball joint departs from related parts. To prevent the parts fall off suddenly, please lose the lock nut till
  • its surface is equal to the parts instead of taking it off.
  •  Please wear goggles while using this tool.