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Arios A2304

Oil Filler Funnel
Tool Set VW / Audi

150,00 + Vat

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  •  Oil filler kit for modern engines
  •  1-liter funnel
  •  Prevents oil leakage when refilling with engine oil avoiding contamination of engine block, exhaust manifold, etc.
  •  Suitable for bayonet fittings on all VAG models plus screw fittings in 4 thread sizes
  •  For pouring oil where access is difficult
  •  Designed to effectively seal onto the engine’s oil filler aperture thus avoiding spillage onto the cam cover,
  • Engine block, or exhaust manifold.
  • Arios A2304-1 (VAS 6842/1)Topping-up funnel Capacity approx. 1 liter
  • Arios A2304-2  (VAS6842/4) Angle Extension
  • Arios A2304-3 (VAS 6842/2)Adapter with Bayonet Fitting Audi, BMW, Dodge, Mercedes, Volvo and VW vehicles
  • Arios A2304-4 Threaded adapter M42x4.5 for Subaru (except Tribeca)
  • Arios A2304-5 Threaded adapter M37x3.0 for Toyota & Lexus, Scion Pontiac Vibe Models Except for Prius and Yaris
  • Arios A2304-6 Threaded adapter M35x4.0 for Mazda
  • Arios A2304-7 Threaded adapter M32x3.5M32 x 3.5Dodge Cummins turbo Diesel Truck & Neon / Ford Turbo-Diesel 6.0,6.4,6.9&7.3 ; Honda Accord, Civic, Element, Fit, NSX&S2000;All Acura Model (expect MDX & RDX); Fit Most Nissan Models & Some Jaguar Models

Download pdf:Arios-A2304