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Product categories

Arios A2106-0505

1/2”Dr Ribe Bits Sockets (RM)

8,0020,00 + Vat

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Material: Chrome Vanadium socket with knurled, S2 bits with manganese phosphated
S2 steel Bits for extra strength

For Fiat cylinder head bolts

  • Ribe RM6, RM7, RM8 (55mm Long)
  • Ribe RM8, RM10, RM12, RM14 (140mm Long)
  • Ribe RM6, RM8, RM10 (200mm Long)

For VW and Audi cylinder head bolts

  • Ribe RM10, RM12(100mm Long)
  • Ribe RM9, RM10 (140mm Long)
  • Ribe RM8, RM9, RM10(200mm Long)
  • Ribe RM12 140mm for new Beetle, Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz
Item Size Drive-Length Item Size Drive-Length
Arios-A2106-0505 M5 1/2”Dr.55mmL Arios-A2106-1408 M8 1/2”Dr.140mmL
Arios-A2106-0506 M6 1/2”Dr.55mmL Arios-A2106-1409 M9 1/2”Dr.140mmL
Arios-A2106-0507 M7 1/2”Dr.55mmL Arios-A2106-1410 M10 1/2”Dr.140mmL
Arios-A2106-0508 M8 1/2”Dr.55mmL Arios-A2106-1411 M10 1/2”Dr.140mmL
Arios-A2106-0509 M9 1/2”Dr.55mmL Arios-A2106-1412 M12 1/2”Dr.140mmL
Arios-A2106-0510 M10 1/2”Dr.55mmL Arios-A2106-1413 M13 1/2”Dr.140mmL
Arios-A2106-0512 M12 1/2”Dr.55mmL Arios-A2106-1414 M14 1/2”Dr.140mmL
Arios-A2106-0513 M13 1/2”Dr.55mmL
Arios-A2106-0514 M14 1/2”Dr.55mmL Arios-A2106-2008 M8 1/2”Dr.200mmL
Arios-A2106-1005 M5 1/2”Dr.100mmL Arios-A2106-2009 M9 1/2”Dr.200mmL
Arios-A2106-1006 M6 1/2”Dr.100mmL Arios-A2106-2010 M10 1/2”Dr.200mmL
Arios-A2106-1007 M7 1/2”Dr.100mmL Arios-A2106-2011 M10 1/2”Dr.200mmL
Arios-A2106-1008 M8 1/2”Dr.100mmL Arios-A2106-2012 M12 1/2”Dr.200mmL
Arios-A2106-1009 M9 1/2”Dr.100mmL Arios-A2106-2013 M13 1/2”Dr.200mmL
Arios-A2106-1010 M10 1/2”Dr.100mmL Arios-A2106-2014 M14 1/2”Dr.200mmL
Arios-A2106-1012 M12 1/2”Dr.100mmL
Arios-A2106-1013 M13 1/2”Dr.100mmL
Arios-A2106-1014 M14 1/2”Dr.100mmL