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Arios A1690

Universal Truck Bush Replacement

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  • Arios A1090 is a time-saving tool for bushings, and axles bearing replacements.
  • It makes bushings, axles, and bearings replacements far faster than the old-fashion
  • way, and more importantly, it saves labor
  • Arios A1690 using an 18-ton capacity hollow bore cylinder and the comprehensive set
  • of accessories contained within the kits, equipment can be easily used on any vehicle


  • Arios-A1690 is used for a wide variety of applications on trucks and buses.
  • It is suitable for brands like Scania, Volvo, MAN, Mercedes, Renault, Iveco, and DAF.

Arios-A1690 contains:

  • Cylinder: Arios-A1690-15-2 (Capacity: 18 tons, stroke: 50 mm)


  • Arios-A1690 -1 (Ø90*73*117 L mm)
  • Arios-A1690 -2 (Ø64*49*117 L mm)


  • Arios-A1690-3 (M16*P2.0*500L)
  • Arios-A1690-4 (M20*P2.5*500L)
  • Arios-A1690-5 (M24*P3.0*500L)

Press plates:

  • Arios-A1690-09 (Ø35 mm / Ø16 mm / 22 L mm)
  • Arios-A1690-10 (Ø55 mm / Ø20 mm / 22 L mm)
  • Arios-A1690-11 (Ø70 mm / Ø24 mm / 24 L mm)