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Arios A1534

BMW Front Crankshaft Seal N43 N45T N46T N52 N54 N55

67,00 + Vat

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Product Specifications /Features: 

  • Application: Used to remove front crank seal on BMW N54 (I6 turbo) engines.
  • Also used on the BMW I6 N/A engines that have stubborn front crank seals.
  • BMW OEM no. Ref: 110 370/371


This tool will save you many headaches and time as without it it is almost impossible to remove the front crankshaft seal, the seal is so thin and extremely tight pressed in, and as a result you can’t use a general seal remover. If you try to remove it without the proper tool, you will destroy the lip of the seal without being able to remove it as the seal requires a lot of force to be removed, you will scar the shaft and the block walls causing leaks and you will still have the seal not removed

Download pdf:Arios-A1534