Product categories

Product categories

Arios A1120

Truck Trasmission
Bearing Puller
4 Tons & above

750,00 + Vat

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  • The Best tool for removing truck transmission bearing.
  • Won’t damage the bearing and related parts.
  • Easy to use. save time and money.
  • Application: 4 Tons and above trucks.
  • #311 can be used on Daf ZF12S.
  • #310 can be used on Scania (Optional)
  • Replace JTC-5154

Technical Information

  • Choose the appropriate accessory before the operation
  • Press the central screw against the shaft-end by hand,
  • When installing the transmission bearing.
  • The fixed ring can ensure two sleeves of the tools are
  • Securely installed on the groove of the bearing.