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Arios A1022

8pcs Benz & BMW Fan Service Wrench kit

240,00 + Vat

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Product Specifications / Features:

  • The hardest material, s45c & heat treated
  •  Shiny surface treatment, just like mirror.
  •  The best quality in the field.


Removes lock nuts on ermo-viscous fans found on
FORD, BMW…Many vehicles.
NW: 0.42kgs
Length:383mm / Hardness:HRC 40~45
Allows the technician to hold the water pump
pulley in place while loosening the radiator fan.
NW: 0.38KGS
Length:400mm / Hardness:HRC 40~45

Arios-A1022-C Mercedes-Benz FAN CLUTCH WRENCH (65mm)
Special open-ended spanner to allow removal
and replacement of the radiator fan hub.
Application: MERCEDES engines m103(6-cylinder),
m104 (6-cylinder 4-value), m119 (8-cylinder 4-
value), m120(12-cylinder 4-value).
NW: 0.5KGS
Length:395mm / Hardness:HRC 40~45
Arios-A1022-D Mercedes-Benz REACTION WRENCH WITH 3 HOLES
Required to remove the radiator fan hub, the
reaction spanner is bolted to the front face
of the hub. The poly-v belt is not in place and
cannot be used to lock the hub.
Application: MERCEDES c- and e-class engines m111
(4-cylinder 4-value), om406 om605 and om606. slim
handle for tight space operation.
Length:410mm / Hardness:HRC 40~45
Arios-A1022-E Mercedes-Benz VISCOUS FAN NUT WRENCH (36mm)
For undoing the retaining bolt on MERCEDES
radiator fans.
Applications: MERCEDES engines m111, om604, om605
and om606 (c- and e-class).
Length:343mm / Hardness:HRC 40~45
Arios-A1022-F Mercedes-Benz HOLDING TOOL
To allow removal of the visco-coupling on the
cooling fan.
Application: on MERCEDES engines m103 m104
Length:282mm / Hardness:HRC 40~45
Arios-A1022-G Mercedes-Benz FAN BELT SERVICE WRENCH
This universal tool has been designed to service
Mercedes Benz Nissan quest mercury villager
radiator fans and pulley belts the three in-one
design allows servicing three separate areas of
repair all of which require a specialty tool
due to their confined locations.
This special wrench can be used for loosening the
A/C idler pulley tensioner lock-nut for a/c belt
adjustment or replacement 8m/m & 10m/m bit
NW: 0.7KGS Length:489.5mm
Arios-A1022-H Mercedes-Benz REACTION WRENCH WITH 3 HOLES (o 11.7)
For holding fan pulley while loosening or tightening screws on viscosity
fan coupling.
Applicable:M112, 113, 119, .985 (1996-2003)

Download pdf:Arios-A1022