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Product categories

Arios 8965

Wheel Arch & Bonnet
Fiat / Renault

30,00 + Vat

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  • Nylon Black
  • Push type retainer
  • Head Pin Diameter 10mm
  • Head Diameter 12mm
  • Stem Length 12.2mm
  • Fit into a 6mm hole

Replaces E.Co.IT: 71497

Replaces Auveco 21935

Replaces Chrysler: 6509700AA

Replaces Renault / Dacia: 7703072361,77-03-072-361

Exterior Windscreen or A-Pillar Trim, Front Bumper and Trim Fastener, Front Wheel Arch Lining and Mudguard, Interior Carpet and Upholstery Fastener, Rear Bumper and Trim Fastener, Engine Bay Shield, Side Skirt, Sill Moulding Cover Trim, Front Wheel Arch Flare and Trim Moulding, Rear Wheel Arch Flares and Moulding Trim

  • Dacia Logan, Sandero, Megane Wheel Arch 2007-On

Replaces Fiat Abarth: 51761163

Windscreen Cowl or Scuttle Panel, Air Intake

  • Abarth 500 Bonnet, Vans 2008- On

Replaces GM, Opel Vauxhall: 4414666, 91169621

Interior Pillar Trim, Radiator Surround and Air Guide Panel, Windscreen Cowl or Scuttle Panel

Replaces Ford 1485188

Front Door Card

Replaces Mercedes Smart A4159910140

Fender Liner , Rear Bumper and Trim Fastener

Smart EQ Fortwo, Fortwo 2016-On

Replaces Peugeot, Citroen:91169621


100 Per Package