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Arios 7336

Weather-strip retainer

20,00 + Vat

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These tiny black clips are used on several Ford models including the Ford Mondeo, S-Max, Galaxy and Escort. The clips are used to fasten the rubber door seals in place. The seals can easily come loose if they are kicked or knocked. The rubber weatherstrip gasket is important to ensure that the vehicle remains watertight and so these clips should be replaced if the original parts are damaged.

  • Nylon black
  • Weather-strip retainer
  • Door Seal Clips for Sill
  • Head diameter 5.3 mm
  • Stem length 8.3mm
  • Overall length 13.5mm
  • Fit into a 6mm hole

Replace Ford W7029851042065 1042065, 1042065

  • Mondeo, Escort, S-Max Galaxy, Scorpio from 1997-2015

100 Per Package