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Product categories

Arios 6488

Moulding Nylon
Flange Nut VW

27,00 + Vat

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2 Door. 4 Door. A component that helps hold the D Pillar Trim Panel to its mounting surface. A solid metal or plastic block with a threaded hole in the center which is used to tighten or adjust the Floor Pan Splash Shield. A threaded rod with a drive head (such as hex, 12 point, torx, etc.) on one end used to secure the Tire Pressure Monitor Control Module to it’s mounting point. A/C Refrigerant Line Nut. Convertible. COUPE. Fender Support Nut. Quarter Panel Splash Shield Nut. Air Conditioning (A/C) Refrigerant Line. Antenna. Body D – Pillar Trim Panel. Cover. Fender Support. Floor Pan Splash Shield. Mount. Muffler. Pipe. Quarter Trim. Sill Trim grommet. Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Control Module Bolt. Wheelhouse Liner.

  • Black Nylon
  • Stud Size: 5mm
  • Hex: 10mm
  • Flange Diameter: 18.5mm
  • Overall Height: 10.5mm

Replaces Auveco 21456

Replaces VW: 171-201-96917120196, 811819055A, 893853909; 8D0803948CN 10015101

  • This product fits 188 vehicle variants
  • Volkswagen (VW): 20 models, 188 variants between 1979 and 2023
  • This product fits 298 vehicle variants.
  • Audi: 19 models, 298 variants between 1992 and 2023.

100 Per Package