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Arios 6443

Bumper & Radiator

34,00 + Vat

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Cowl Grille Clip, Rocker Molding Clip, Sight Shield Clip, Reinforced Beam Clip, Air Duct Clip, Splash Guard Clip, Bumper Cover Lower Clip, Lower Bracket Clip, Lower Deflector Clip, Mud Guard Clip, Impact Bar Clip, Support Assembly Clip, Energy Absorber Clip, Radiator Support Clip, Upper Stiffener Clip, Bumper Cover Clip, Upper Shield Clip, Upper Tie Bar Clip, Shutter Assembly Clip, Bumper Cover Fastener, Filler Trim Clip, Grille Clip, Upper Grille Clip, Wheel Opening Molding Clip, Wheel Arch Molding Clip, Cowl Cover Clip, Grille Assembly Clip, Reinforcement Clip, Shutter Fastener, Buffer Clip, Air Deflector Clip, Stone Deflector Clip, Radiator Shutter Clip, Spoiler Clip, Clip

  • Black Nylon
  • Push-Type Retainer
  • Head Diameter: 20mm
  • Stem Length: 13mm
  • Fits Into 8mm Hole

Replaces Auveco 20953

Replace Nissan:11296-AG000

  • Altima,370Z, Altima, Sentra, Titan, Juke, Murano, Maxima, Quest, Kicks, Leaf, X-Trail, Versa
  • Nissan: 17 models, 1269 variants between 2002 and 2023.

Replace MAZDA: L33X13209

Fender Liner Rivet, Air Deflector Clip, Bumper Cover Rivet, Deflector Shield Clip, Fender Liner Clip, Splash Shield Clip, Under Cover Clip, Protector Clip, Wheelhouse Liner Clip, Bumper Cover Clip, Door Trim Panel Rivet, Inner Shield Rivet, Lower Molding Retainer, Under Cover Rivet, Wheel Opening Molding Retainer Clip, Front Cover Rivet, Front Shield Rivet, Guide Plate Rivet, Protector Rivet, Rear Shield Rivet, Resonator Rivet, Seal Plate Rivet, Stone Guard Rivet, Wheelhouse Liner Rivet, Retainer, Retainer Plate Fastener, Resonator Clip, License Bracket Rivet, Fender Liner Retainer, Inter-Cooler Duct Rivet, Rocker Molding Rivet, Rivet

  • Splash Shield Rivet
  • Mazda 3,5,6, CX3, CX-5, CX-7, CX-9,
  • More than 33 fitments  Mazda: 11 models, 221 variants between 2007 and 2021.

100 Per Package