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Product categories

Arios 6235

Fender & Bumper
Mitsubishi / Chrysler

33,00 + Vat

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Roof Rail Cap, Sight Shield Clip, Bumper Cover Retainer, Bumper Cover Retainer Clip, Air Duct Clip, Front Console Retainer, Headlamp Assembly Mount Bolt, Mud Guard Clip, Retainer, Cover Clip, Headlamp Assembly Clip, Bumper Cover Upper Clip, Grille Assembly Clip, Intake Duct Clip, Liner Extension Retainer, Lower Deflector Clip, Spoiler Retainer, Grille Clip, Absorber Clip, Grille Bolt, Lower Cover Retainer Clip, Lower Cover Upper Clip, Under Cover Retainer, Upper Grille Clip, Bumper Cover Upper Retainer, Inner Cover Clip, Step Cover Clip, Roof Rail Clip, Engine Air Intake Hose Clip, Grille Retainer, Support Bolt, Clip, Retaining

  • Push-Type Retainer
  • Black Nylon
  • Head Diameter: 18mm
  • Stem Length: 12mm
  • Fits Into a 9mm Hole

Replace JTC RD43

Replace Auveco 20247

Replaces Mitsubishi: MR200300 

  • Mitsubishi: Outlander, Outlander Sport, Outlander PHEV, Eclipse, Eclipse Cross,
  • Galant, Lancer, Endeavor, Raider, Montero
  • More than 90 fitments Between 1997-2023

Replaces Peugeot Citroen 7401HS

Front Bumper and Trim Fastener, Front Grille or Slam Panel, Rear Bumper, and Trim Fastener, Underbody Shields, and Insulation Panel Fastener

100 Per Package