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Product categories

HCB A2080

BMW Wiper Linkage
Assembly Removal /
Installation Bit Socket

20,00 + Vat

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  • Used to remove and install the BMW wiper linkage assembly.
  • Used in conjunction with H.C.B-A1138.
  • Applicable:E12,E21,E23,E24,E28,E30,E30/C,WAGON E30,E31,E32,E32/3,E34,WAGON E34,E36,E36/2,E36/3,E36/5,E36/7,E36/C,WAGON E36,E38,E38/3,E39,E39PL,WAGON E39,E46,E46/16,E46/2,E46/3,E46/5,E46/C,E52,E53,E60,E65,E66,E67,E85,RR1…etc.


  • Windshield wiper arm removed.
  • TX 80(1/2″ square drive expert draper TX-STAR impact socket bit).